Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Holy cow.. wait.. I have followers? I apologize and thank you.. whomever you are.
I go in and out of blogging or working on my youtube channel.. or not doing anything at all.
Dying computer and trying to find a real gig.. makes it tough to blog. BUT, I will see what I can do.

Thanks for the follow


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mariah Carey...I dont even care if thats spelled

Let it be known that I am really, sincerely, from the b ottom of my heart, unimpressed... nay, Im disgusted.

I JUST had the pleasure of introducing her, hosting her at City Walk. Yes, I was the emcee. My job, keep the crowd building...pumped... thrilled to see this ... ummm singer..after she hit eighteen number one singles. She has bypassed elvis. Which, in his defense, he hasnt been putting em out like he used to...

But she is approaching Beatle status... which... in their defense... yeah, not many either recently.

But, my gripe with Mariah Careless ?

Well, the crowd was pumped at four.... and ready to go. Some of them had been there since midnight. One even drove from oregon to be there... And the crowd was also still going strong at six when she was scheduled to hit the stage. Which, meant, she would say "hi...."

However... at 8:30, when she FINALLY sauntered out amidst her "entourage"... they were kind of fed up.

And, then... a guy in a blue serge striped suit coat over an orange t shirt started flailing his arms in my direction as though I could understand sycophant ....apparently he didnt think I was keeping the crowd pumped enough while she was strolling in to her tune " touch my baldy" or whatever it was blaring thru the speakers.... Maybe he had already gone deaf due to the fact the audience had been booing her during the final hour of waiting patiently for her majesty to appear....

miffed ? Not until blue serge tried to give me the stink eye....

Geeeshh... you can almost hear the ticking of the second meltdown counter tracking the time...

Thanks Mariah... you made thousands of peoples day... literally, cause lor knows they had nothing else to do...

Friday, April 11, 2008


If you haven't heard.... google " Cheney, sunglasses" and you will see the latest flap on the reflection in Cheney's glasses. He should be fly fishing. Yet, a reflection in his glasses makes it seem he has a naked woman in front of him. My comment? Seriously, as a semi-professional photographer, having even worked for a few newspapers, if Cheney were that close to a naked woman, I think I would have decided to catch the entire image as opposed to hope the refection in the glasses covers the event. Do you realize how much money the Globe would pay for THAT shot ??

just my opinion

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I had to see it to believe it.....

Yup, you thought the cheese was fake... I finally saw the fake only for TV MACDONALDS.
I have to assume all the restaurants have them, but it is still pretty odd to see.
It was my own Easter Egg I found on Easter Sunday...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pasadena Art Weekend....

Every year, twice a year, Pasadena opens up its art museums and similar venues for an evening of free browsing. This past Friday was one of those nights. In typical fashion, I decided to attend.

Boston Court Theatre was my venue of choice. Live entertainment: A hand percussionist. A doo wop group. An Appalachian style trio. All very good.

However, I also visited a few galleries and was, as always, amazed at what people can call art. A few sticks, some glue, a newspaper or two, staple it to the wall and you've got a hanging. Put a note with a name on it beside it and call it "art".

There was one installment that did surprise me. The reflecting pool in front of Pasadena City College. They repeated a previous art project of floating origami boats with lit candles on them. It was very interesting. Unfortunately, towards the end of the evening the boats had all clustered into a corner of the pool and were gradually bursting into balls of flame.

On that side of the pool, what appeared to be students, were desperately trying to put out the boats before they all turned into floating bits of charred candle remnants.

It made me sad.

The burning boats appeared to me to be more "art" than most of the exhibits I had seen that night and it was happening before our eyes. A statement was being made. Isn't that what art is ?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

South Pasadena....

I just watched a news story on South Pasadena. A local high school student has started a "no cuss week" in the city. He is tired of obscenities. I have to agree, but, he kind of lost me when the anchor asked him why he did it.

"Well," he replied, " like, we have this like huge vocabulary, why not use those words."

Like, right.

Friday, February 29, 2008

this is fun....

yeah... it's always fun to upgrade computers. I am trying to backup my immense music collection, and, its JUST NOT WORKING.

Luckily, computers are just a fad

Friday, February 22, 2008

One of those things....

Let me set the mood:
It's raining. I love makes me feel great.
I just finished a couple of really successful hypnosis sessions where the clients were complimentary and said things like, "I've never thought of things like that before."
I like that response.One of the sessions was helping with insomnia. One of my favorite issues to deal with. I'm pretty successful at helping people sleep... take that as you may.

But, it is the type of day when while I'm driving in the car, rather than listening to talk radio, I crank up a rock station. And this made me laugh.

The song that was playing was La Bamba.

It took me back at least seventeen years. I was emceeing and performing at The Oldenberg Brewery in Ft. Mitchell, KY. A lot of great things happened there. It was our New Years eve show and the place was packed. We were doing an extra show and trying to come up with songs to pump up the crowd. The band was amazing, they could play anything. Someone suggested - La Bamba. It was big that year and we knew the crowd would love it. However, we had never rehearsed it. Not one note. But, I, being the comic in the show, suggested we play it anyway, and I would fake the Spanish portions. I knew I could at least get thru the song , and also knew the crowd was relatively drunk, and, possibly free of Spanish speaking individuals.

So, we did the song. I know it's one of those " ya had to be there moments. " But ,yes...

We did La Bamba. I know the lyrics arent " la freechiemeo ben a deedo nacho la ditto manee a chia wowa" But, I bet they sounded like that that night. We did it. The crowd loved it. And, no one said a word to us later.

Still makes me laugh.

A Reba

Friday, February 15, 2008

But, I like the place......

There is a Subway restaurant not too far from my house. I like Subway. However, there is a new employee that causes me to cringe internally everytime I realize that she will be my" Sandwich Artist." The following is a transcript ... of my recent visit. ( okay. to the best of my recollection...)

Welcome to Subway. What can I get you ?

Six inch honey oat. Roast Beef. No Cheese. Toasted.

Okay. What kind of bread ?

Honey Oat, Roast Beef.

And the meat ?

Roast Beef.

Would you like that toasted ?


What kind of cheese ?

No Cheese.

What kind ?



- We pause as toasting takes about 30 seconds. - Back to the action.

Mustard and Mayo?

No. Thank you. Ill have spicy mustard after everything is on.

Mayo ?

No. Just spicy mustard... on everything .. at ( she is putting it on the meat now ) the end. That's good. Thank you.

- as she reaches for the veggies.

Light on Lettuce. No tomatoes.

( huge pile of lettuce )

Could you take some of the lettuce off?

Oh, yes.

Not tomatoes.

( She is reaching for the tomatoes )

No tomatoes.

Pardon? ( Tomatoes are now on the relatively large pile of lettuce )

No tomatoes, can you take the tomatoes off ?

Oh, yes. Sorry....

Extra black olives.

Pardon ?

Extra black olives.

Olives ?

Yes. Could I have a few extra?


And everything else ...

Do you want cucumber....?

Yes, everything else.


Yeah. Everything...

Is that it ?

Yes. Thats everything. And thats good. Im good.

She reaches for the Oil.

No oil please... Im good.

That's all ?

Yes. Im good. We are done....

For here ?

Yes. And, Ill take chips too....

Chips ?

Yes. Potato Chips.

She leaves to get the chips. I know full well what is about to happen.

From the back....

What kind...?


That pretty much sums it up.... Every time I have her as my SANDWICH ARTIST....


is it me ?